Author Guidelines

Writing guide

  • Editors accept manuscripts to be published in the form of research results
  • Article Writing Format: Research Results consist of: Title, author name, abstract, introduction, methodology consisting of a) materials and tools and b) methods, results and discussion, conclusions, greetings (if necessary), and bibliography
  • The first author is responsible for the content of the article, correspondence regarding the article is addressed to the first author.
  • Article submission is accompanied by a statement letter / publication permit from all authors whose names are listed on the article.
  • Article Typing Requirements:
  • Written one and a half spaces and typed using the Microsoft Word program, Times New Romans typeface, 12 points, 'Regular' (specifically for titles: 14 points, Bold). The chemical structure formula can be made with Chemwin or Chemdraw. Photos and images can be used jpg / jpeg format and for graphics can be used excel.
  • The manuscript is sent in the form of a file (softcopy) or email and one copy of the printed one face (not back and forth) on A-4 size white paper (210 x 297 mm), with a border distance of 3 cm from all sides. Image files are placed separately from manuscript files. Files are sent in .doc format (Word 97-2003 Document) instead of .docx (Word Document).


  • Short and clear titles, in Indonesian capitalize at the beginning of words, except for conjunctions and prepositions
  • The name of the author/writers (without title, first name is written in lowercase except the first letter while the last name is written in all caps) along with the full name of the author's institution. If the authors are from different agencies then use the 1), 2), 3) and so on after the name of each author. The author of all correspondence addresses is marked and the address of the institution must be listed in full along with the e-mail address (if any) with font size 11.*)
  • The institution of the first, second and so on, written in full

Abstract and Abstract

  • Abstracts are written in one paragraph using a maximum Indonesian of 200 words and written with a space of one space.
  • Abstract is written in one paragraph using English maximum 200 words and written in italic letters with a distance of one space.
  • Abstract and Abstract contain highlights of research results followed by quantitative data of research results that stand out and are related to the title and need to be disclosed, so that readers can immediately know the findings of the research results
  • Include keywords in the Abstract and keywords in the Abstract in English maximum 5 words


The introduction contains background and literature citations ending with research objectives


  • The material used is clearly the specification and source
  • The tools used are clearly specificated, while simple tools such as glassware do not need to be written
  • The method used must be reproducible and when taken from other sources supplemented with citations

Results and Discussion

  • Table and Figure headings are numbered and periodized and begin with an uppercase letter
  • Table and table descriptions must be intact on one page. The title of the table is written at the top of the table with the sequence number of Arabic numerals in the center position
  • Images including graphics are made separate from the manuscript, maximum 1 page and minimum 1/4 page. The title of the image is written at the bottom of the image with a sequence number of Arabic numerals.
  • If there is a photo (black and white photo) it must be printed on white paper and accompanied by a caption
  • Discussion of research results accompanied by related library support


Conclusions are drawn from the results and discussion with reference to the research objectives.

Acknowledgments (if necessary)

You can write the name of the institution or individual who assists in the implementation of research.


  • The bibliography is arranged alphabetically by the last name of the first author
  • The author's name is preceded by the family name/last name followed by the first letter of the first name/first name, whether written in full for the first, second or subsequent authors.
  • The title of an essay for a book is written with a capital letter at the beginning of each word, except for conjunctions and prepositions.
  • Magazine/Journal/Bulletin Name: all author names are mentioned after it is written in the year of publication, article title, magazine/journal name and volume (italiced) last page number.
  • Book: all author names are mentioned after it is written year published, article title, editor name, book title and volume (italicized), edition, publisher, city, page number.
  • Libraries from the internet include the date at the time of quoting.


Journal library writing example

Agrawal, P. K., 1992, NMR Spectroscopy in the structural elucidation of oligosaccharides and glycosides, Phytochemistry, 31, 3307-3330


Examples of writing book libraries

Tyler, V.E., Brady, L.R., Robbers, J.E., 1988, Pharmacognosy, 9th ed., Lea and Fibiger, Philladelphia, 57-81


Examples of writing theses, theses, dissertations or posters and others

Sondakh, R, 1989, Biotransformation of Progesterone by Calus Culture Solanum mammosum, thesis, Faculty of Postgraduate Universitas Airlangga


Examples of writing libraries from the internet

Fontana, A.J. 2000. Water Activity's Role in Food Safety and Quality.

http// (December 21, 2004)

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